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Waste to Fertilizer (WTF) / Waste to Energy (WTE)


Organic Waste Management

WTF: Bio-fermentation

  • Quick process (5-7 days)
  • High temperature to eliminate pathogenic bacteria (70-80⁰C)
  • Fully enclosed and equipped with air purifier to eliminate odor and fermentation gases emission

WTE: Biogas System

  • Efficient mixing
  • CSTR anaerobic digestion
  • Double membrane dry-type biogas storage
  • Biogas bio-desulphurization

Leachate Treatment

  • Pretreatment + Regulating pool
  • Anaerobic process
  • External membrane reactor (MBR)
  • Nano-filter
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Clausthal Jet Reactor (CJR)
  • CJMBR technology

Rural Sewage Treatment

  • Integrated anaerobic/oxic (A/O) equipment
  • Membrane cube series equipment